Weekend Links

I will reserve Fridays for providing links with some commentary on whatever has taken my interest, for weekend perusal.

I will probably setup a twitter account or use some other online tool to capture the links as I read them. However I have not done that for this week, and, if I had, the focus would have been on the Budget Statement.

So, this week, as I get up to speed, I am instead going to recommend a book.  Abolish Money(from Economics!) by Brian Ramanchuk which you can get in ebook format. I might provide a review in the future, but my comment below is what piqued my interest in his book.

One serious criticism of mainstream macro is how it neutralises money from their models. which are mostly often justified using assumptions such as an exchange economy, which is a barter economy without money as the medium of exchange. This leads to all sorts of issues such as failing to model financial markets and sectors, which is one of the main reasons such an approach failed to anticipate the Global Financial Crash. A key criticism from Post Keynsians of this mainstream, such as the DSGE approach, is this very lack of accounting for money in their models. So it is very interesting to read the persepctive of a bond professional and Post Keynsian that the concept of money should be abolished from macro economics!


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